Joyfond is the second largest manufacturer of honey products in Eastern China.

Following consumers’ growing mistrust in this industry,

the company’s image and influence in the market has been declining gradually.

In 2012, Joyfond collaborate with Posher to upgrade the group’s brand image and redesign

the products’ packaging in order to twist the deteriorative scenario.

Posher came up with the core idea of “ nature’s charm ” and managed to rebuild

the core image of the company as nature. 

As soon as the products boasting new packaging hit the market,

they gained great reputation and sales soared, making Joyfond now the first actor in the industry.



九蜂堂在市场的影响力日渐低迷。2012年 委托博尚重新对“九蜂堂”进行品牌升级和包装改造以期改变窘境。